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Episode 9: Chrissy Mackey, PhD (ABD)
Episode Number 9: Chrissy Mackesey PhD (ABD), August 26, 2020

Chrissy Mackey, PhD (ABD) on having lupus, the perception of attendance and the accessibility of Dungeons and Dragons for training

Episode 9

Transcript created by Frankie Martinez.

In this episode, we discuss

Having lupus, the perception of attendance and the accessibility of Dungeons & Dragons for training with Chrissy Mackey. How can we better support students who suffer from chronic autoimmune diseases? How does it affect attendance? What policies could instructors put in place in the syllabus so students could show how they are engaged in the coursework? How does gaming apply to industrial/ organizational psychology?

Highlights include:

  1. What is lupus (1:28)
  2. How lupus affects life as a student (2:34)
  3. Accommodations (3:25)
  4. How can we better support students with chronic illnesses (4:51)
  5. Industrial and organization psychology (9:25)
  6. How does gaming apply (11:15)
  7. How Dungeons & Dragons can be used for training and education (14:38)
  8. How can we implement games in training & classrooms? (20:30)

Resources Mentioned

About Chrissy Mackey, PhD (ABD)

Chrissy Mackey is a PhD candidate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Ashford University, online. Her research focuses on applied gaming, specifically tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons. Games provide a completely safe world in which to explore different aspects of life and culture. In particular, role-playing games provide instant feedback regarding one’s choices. For more information on how she used Dungeons & Dragons and other games for training and education, please visit her instagram at @improved_initiative, or her website,

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