Stereotype Life

a biweekly podcast on mental health, disability & access in higher education

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Stereotype Life with Amanda Reavey
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Thank you for your interest!

As you may already know, our hope is to raise awareness about mental health, disability and access in higher education, as well as provide resources related to teaching and learning.

Whether you have direct or indirect experience with mental illness (and co-occuring disorders), disability, and/or disability-informed teaching practices in higher ed, we’d love to provide a space for you to share your story. While this can be intimidating, please note that you make the executive decision about what you talk about. We will never push you to talk about things beyond your comfort zone. If you wish, you can even remain anonymous!

So how does this work? Though we hope it’s an organic conversation, we do email possible questions at least two days before we record. This gives us a basic framework from which to work and to diverge. Additionally, we aim for a 35-45 minute podcast, so the interview itself will likely last an hour. It’s all done through Skype and if needed, we’ll mail you headphones and/or a mic along with a SASE so you can return them.

If you have questions or need more details, please contact us.

How to Participate

We are seeking interviewees for Season 2 of Stereotype Life!

Please send a short paragraph about your work, links (e.g. personal and/or academic websites), possible topics, and a brief professional bio to Amanda will reply within 72 hours.