Stereotype Life

a biweekly podcast on mental health, disability & access in higher education

Episode 9: Chrissy Mackey, PhD (ABD)

Having lupus, the perception of attendance and the accessibility of Dungeons & Dragons for training with Chrissy Mackey. How can we better support students who suffer from chronic autoimmune diseases? How does it affect attendance? What policies could instructors put in place in the syllabus so students could show how they are engaged in the coursework? How does gaming apply to industrial/ organizational psychology?

Episode 8: Karen Tang

Karen Tang on the correlation between addiction and mental health, and developing mindfulness and self-compassion. Who are the students or people, in general, most at risk for developing co-occurring disorders, and is there any way to prevent it? How does college life mask mental illness and how do we identify those students? How do we notice and mitigate burnout? How do we create a self-care toolkit? How can we design classes so that we as instructors help to minimize burnout? What is mindfulness? What is meditation? How can mindfulness and meditation lead to better engagement and studying and working within the academy? Do you have self-care tips and advice for people or for students who say that they don’t have time?